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Vp Candidate Ryan Says Medical Cannabis Should Be Left To The States But His Prior Vote On This Issue Says Otherwise. 

Posted by Michael Komorn , in Caregivers, Legal, Medical marijuana rights, Patients 08 September 2012 · 815 views

Ryan says medical cannabis should be left to the states but his prior vote on this issue says otherwise. 

Attached is the rohrabacher-hinchey-mcclintock-farr amendment to h.r. 5326 that would have left medical marijuana to the states and was voted on back in May.  Here is the roll call vote( Rep. Dan Benishek(MI-1) DID vote yes):
 You will notice that Mr Ryan of WI voted against it wholeheartedly. Ryan spoke with his vote that medical marijuana should NOT be left to the states.

 Paul Ryan says states have the right to legalize medical marijuana (and the issue would not be a priority for a Mitt Romney administration)