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Do You Know What April 6 Is?

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 06 April 2014 · 1,484 views

Five years ago the State of Michigan begin accepting application under the MMMA. The program actually went into effect on the 4th, but it was a Saturday, so nothing could be done.

Lots has happened during these five years. there have been compliance, bending, side-stepping, disobeying, changes, changes, re-writing, back-stabbing, under-table dealings, an...


I Was In Ann Arbor Yesterday

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 06 April 2014 · 457 views

All week I received calls al texts asking about the Hash Bash. It was like people felt that they couldn't go unless I served as their escort. I had 5 doctors appointment this week. I was tired, sore, hurting; I had not planned on going. By Saturday morning, all but one of those people had called to say that they weren't going. That last person was my son....


Medical Edibles And Cannabis Topicals Are Needed Forms Of Medications

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 14 March 2014 · 659 views

I was discussing the edible use on marihuana with a group of acquaintances. Some of these people were smokers, some employed multiply uses, others how did not use- but were interested. The main thing that were all agreed on was that the MMMA was written with smokers in mind. We decided this because of the 2.5 ounce restriction on useable marihuana. Anothe...


Marijuana Soaked In Alcohol Is Not A Narcotic

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 10 February 2014 · 708 views

I shall be writing more of my thoughts on this soon.

In 1973, the 36 Cal. App Court ruled in People v. Vargas, that marijuana soaked in alcohol is not a narcotic.

"As to the conviction for possession of marijuana, appellant testified that the jar found among his personal effects contained medicine for his rheumatism. Both Agent Velasquez and the cour...


You've Asked For It!

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 13 November 2013 · 977 views

After reading the Senate bill 660, I have to ask: "Isn't this what was asked for?" When the cry went out to tax and regulate marijuana, is this not what was wanted?

Keep in mind that we live in a country that is for the people, by the people. A country where businesses and corporations are people. A country where lawmakers perform in ways directed by the...


April 4, 2013

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 04 April 2013 · 1,068 views

April 4, 2013
Today is the first day of the fifth year of our Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. During those five years, I have found and hosted compassion clubs meeting, participated and attended expos, workshops, and international Social Forums. I have had the chance to meet hundreds of people; meeting that was possible because of the MMMA. I have discuss...


Home Brews

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 22 September 2012 · 802 views


§2 Transportation or importation of intoxicating liquors.  
The transportation or importation into any State, Territory, or possession of the United States for delivery or use therein of intoxicating liquors, in violation of the laws thereof, is hereby prohibited.  
Compilers note: This...


Genetically Modified Cannabis Seeds

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 25 July 2012 · 1,624 views

Like my other blogs, this is a work in progress. I will ad and edit as time and information presents. As I research this topic, I find that I am not the only person having this thought pattern.    

Genetically modified Cannabis Seeds  

  We are forever hear ourselves debate reasons why cannabis is a forbidden U.S. product. Some say the rest...


When I Think Of The Transfer Of Cannabis,

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 04 July 2012 · 845 views

When I think of the transfer of cannabis, I think of the caregiver who transfers the materials she/he has grown or purchased to the patient who has them listed under their state registration.  

When I think of the transfer of cannabis, I think of the patient who might give some material to a friend.  

Being that not all patients smoke; I think of the tr...


Today Is Independent’s Day!

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 04 July 2012 · 877 views

Today is Independent’s Day; the day set aside by Congress to celebrate freedom. When this day was first established, it was to tout the colonies freedom from British oppressors. What freedoms are we celebrating today?

Some people in this country will celebrate the Federal Supreme Court deciding that we may have possible freedom from bankruptcy caused by...


Comparing Michigan's Mmmp To Connecticut's

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 08 May 2012 · 1,049 views

In comparing what is allowed in Michigan to what’s allowed in Connecticut, the latest “medical marihuana” state, I am quite impressed.

Conditions that are spelled out in Connecticut, but not in Michigan are: Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with objective neurological indication of intractable s...


They Will Have To Become Afflicted To Understand What Being Sick Really Means

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 07 May 2012 · 556 views

I was speaking to someone the other day about the MMMP.  In discussing the diseases and conditions covered, I pointing out that there were two conditions that were indirectly mentioned. These two are epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. The exact wording reads: seizures, including but not limited to those characteristic of epilepsy; or severe and persistent m...


Our Courts Are Confused

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 22 April 2012 · 759 views

In the case of Rodney Koon; Let us keep in mind that Koon was had been drinking, and was driving 28 miles over the speed limit. Without the marihuana, Koon was baked. Yes there was active THC in his system. The defendant stated that he had smoked 5-6 hours earlier, but had it been 5-6 days earlier, he would have tested positive. Rodney had to know he was...


Marihuana In Detroit?

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 06 April 2012 · 1,066 views

By now, I am sure that the community has heard that the group, Coalition for a Safer Detroit, has won the right to pose a marihuana question during the November 2012 election season. The question asked is simple:

Division 1 - Controlled Substances
Sec. 38-11-50   Applicability.
None of the provisions of this article shall apply to the use or possession...


Happy New Years To All!

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 01 January 2012 · 579 views

As we part and head into a new year, we need to review the past so we can better asset the future. We need to realize that what those in power has done to others, they may soon do to us.

The End of Poverty?

Globalization leads to unemployment, unemployment leads to pove...


Results Of The Medical Marihuana Survey

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 30 November 2011 · 1,093 views

Although I posted the results of my survey a few days ago, I was not going to release it for comments until I posted the narrative. If you could see and feel my hands right now, you would know that it will be a while for that narrative to be completed.

In August, when I first offered a survey; I had hoped to receive hundreds, up to a thousand responses....


The Medical Use Of Marihuana As A Health Care Issue

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 30 November 2011 · 743 views

The Medical Use of Marihuana as a Health Care Issue
© 2011 Chocolate Cherri  

  December 3, marks the completion of three years of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. For me, those three years have been adventurous. Because most here don’t know me, I won’t get into it, for those who do, what a ride.

  I see the road ahead as being very rocky. With...


Marihuana: Don’T Fear, It’S Here, Let’S Work With It!

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 03 November 2011 · 1,019 views

At 12:01a on November 4, 2011; the state of Michigan will start its fourth year as a Medical Marihuana state. WOW!

Year one was kinda quite. Although the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act went into effect on December 4, 2008; no one was able to apply as a registered patient until April6, 2009. On that day, there were loads of people at the Department of...


Painful Diseases & Conditions

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 25 August 2011 · 625 views

On the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs site is a department called, Pain and Symptom Management. Here is a page called, Painful Diseases & Conditions. With the changes lawmakers want to make to the MMMA, I would like to see new things listed as named conditions under the MMMA. After all, shouldn’t those people whom the state has acknowledge are suffe...


Public Health Code (Excerpt) Act 368 Of 1978

Posted by Ms Chocolate , 13 June 2011 · 1,259 views

Just some things I’ve been looking into.

Act 368 of 1978

333.7410 Violations by individual 18 years of age or over (7)A person who distributes marihuana without remuneration and not to further commercial distribution is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than 1 year or a fine of not more than...