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My Experience With Rick Simpson Oil (Cannabis Oil) Vs. Cancer

Posted by GrowGoddess , in Concentrates 20 May 2012 · 135,105 views

This is an older post that I have shared on other sites, I decided to add it to my blog..

The story of the Hodgkin's Lymphoma (cancer) patient begins in October 2011. This information needs to be shared. This information must be shared.

A while back, I kept hearing about it, read about it, and also about other concentrates.
With my experience in using cannabis, from Colombian Gold, Thai Stick, Strawberry Cough, to Querkle, finger hash, different types of medibles (brownies, butter, cookies, candy). I will say that the medibles never really impressed me, I am sure they work for others, but for me, they did nothing. I also found it hard to believe the testimonies on the Run From the Cure video, that cannabis, when used correctly, can cure illness and disease assist in pain management, getting off of highly addictive pain medication, and so on.

I did not believe that any of the oil extracts could be as potent as people had said, especially the Rick Simpson Oil.
Out of all the information and research, it seems to me that the Rick Simpson Oil was my best option for treating cancer patients. So I decided to give it a try and see for myself. I have many years of experience in growing high quality medical grade marijuana, indoor, 100% organic.
It took some time, but I saved up a large quantity of premium bud and followed the Rick Simpson directions (my buds were much more manicured than the ones in his video).

I used 9 oz of premium bud, bone dry. I soaked the bud material in 99% isopropyl alcohol, a bit longer than recommended though. I did the wash or soak in wide mouth court canning jars so I could see what was going on.

stripping THC from buds, dark

Buds In solvent, stripping THC

When I got to the point of putting it on the coffee cup warmer it took about 6 to 8 hours before the oil stopped bubbling, telling me that the iso had all been evaporated out. I then sucked the oil up into 2 tsp sized syringes while it was still warm. After it cooled down, I sampled a dose the size of a grain of rice, and I couldn't believe it! It offered much more than any bud I have ever smoked. I was absolutely shocked. After trying it, it made me a believer that the people in the video were speaking the truth of the oil curing them of their pains and illnesses. I never had anything like it before in my life.

My patients couldn't handle taking three doses a day, the size of a grain of rice. It was too strong. When taking three doses, it seems to build up in your system, and you can develop a tolerance. You must take three doses per day in order to build up a tolerance and keep it. For both of my patients, it took them each six weeks before they were capable of increasing the dose size.

One of my patients has Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a cancer that develops in the lymph-nodes, he has been battling this disease for 12 years and had been receiving chemo treatments and was facing radiation treatment, but he chose to try the oil instead of more chemo or radiation. Normally he would have already been taking his annual holiday visit to the hospital for a 6 week term for another bout of chemo, but this time it would have been radiation because he was getting worse and the chemo was hurting his body. He has yet to have been admitted this year. His doctors have even commented that he would be back before Thanksgiving. Well Thanksgiving has come and gone, he is not in the hospital, he is at home with his family and feeling pretty darn good. I think he will even be home for Christmas and be able to ring in the New Year at home. I am not claiming it is going to cure him, but I do believe it is doing him better than what the doctors have offered him during the past 12 years. If anything, this oil has offered this patient much hope. I will be sure to update on his condition in the future.

Another patient I have encountered has severe gout. He took only a few doses of the oil, and the gout literally disappeared from his knuckles. Three months later, without taking any more oil, the gout had not returned to his knuckles and the gout on the rest of his body is still visible, but the swelling was reduced a lot. If he went through the full treatment, I believe the gout would be completely gone.

I would also like to note a warning when taking this concentrated oil. It is very potent! This is something that a user should start off with small doses. Just one dose a little bit bigger than a grain of rice, had me lying down for a couple hours, praying to God to bring me back down. Also, my patients and I, when taking the oil three times a day, have noticed when waking up with the first cup of coffee, before taking the morning dose, feel a little buzzed. I highly recommend to make your own oil. I have tried others and got nothing from it.

Here is the batch of oil made with the 9 oz of product. It produced 8.5 teaspoons of the Simpson oil. If you ask me, Simpson oil is more efficient than smoking bud. It is not for everyone. One small dose of the oil has much longer lasting effects then any other marijuana products I have tried. The effects can last from 6 to 12 hours from one small dose.
simpson Oil

Here is a picture of 4 of the 9oz of bud, 4 different strains were used.
QP Of choice buds To make simpson Oil

This oil in the picture below was made more for using in a vaporizer. It is much more golden, but for ingesting, I think the darker oil has a higher medicinal value. I also believe that the more golden oil is higher in THC. The reason why this batch was more golden is because it was ultra high quality manicured, no leaf material what so ever, and the plants were intentionally nitrogen stressed before harvest, for a lower chlorophyll amount. When vaping the golden Simpson oil, the taste is incredible. The Eclipse Vaporizer shown in the pictures below is Made in California, USA. Price with shipping, under $100. I highly recommend this product for vaporizing oil. I do not recommend it for vaping bud.
2011 11250006 (800x600)

Eclipse Oil Vape 11 10 11

After making many batches of the Simpson oil, I would strongly recommend to use 1/4 lb. or more of indoor grown premium bud. Anything less could be wasteful in my opinion.

Waste not want not: (Clean Up)

After filling the syringes, there is still some oil left in the pan, metal cup, and on other tools. I clean them up with some fresh 99% isopropyl alcohol, pour it into a bowl, lay out some wax paper and use the back of a small spoon to coat some rolling papers, place the coated papers onto the wax paper. I usually coat each paper two to three times. Let the papers dry and evaporate the alcohol for a few hours. These make for some nice "gold plated" joints. :D

Oil coated papers

joints with simpson Oil coated papers

** (February 2012) update on Hodgkin's patient. He has recently reported to me that he is still using the Simpson Oil and has defied the doctors by not having to be in the hospital over the holidays, and a very prominent tumor is gone. He will be going in for a CAT scan soon. I can't wait to hear the results.

Something to add: I am no longer making the oil to where it comes out black. Nothing against it except for the higher anxiety and bad taste. I am making it more golden from now on and I am only using the syringes to suck up the oil then transfer the oil from the syringe into small vials, like the ones that come with the eclipse vape. The vial holds about one teaspoon which is about 5 grams of oil, or 5 cc's. It is a lot more convenient for storage and to carry. Just use a toothpick to scrape out a dose.

I would like to take back the original comment from above about the darker oil having more medicinal value and the golden oil being higher in TCH. I am really not sure, and I plan to have some samples of each tested soon.

** (April 2012) update: The cancer patient I spoke of has recently gone through a CAT scan. There are no tumors present!!! There was a tumor on his chest that was about the size of a baseball. It and the other tumors are completely gone! The only thing remaining is some scar tissue. He and I alike praise God for this wonderful medicine. Cannabis, an awesome plant, a gift given to us all from God. We should all thank Rick Simpson and the sacrifices he made to make the people aware of what God's plant can do. The patient has gained back the 40 pounds he lost. He looks healthier and better than I have ever seen. I am 100% confident and a true believer that the Rick Simpson Oil, when made and used correctly, can cure cancer. Now after 12 years of battling this disease, this patient is cancer free. We can only give our glory to God for this.

Red Oil: This needs to be researched and studied; water soluble.

The oil in the glass is frozen. I extracted with similar methods as the Rick Simpson procedure but using water. Again, this was after the initial extraction with alcohol, let the remaining material completely dry, then washed with water, filtered it, and then evaporated the water down to produce what is shown in the pictures below.

03 31 2011004


Run From the Cure. In this video you can learn how to make your own oil.

Here is another video worth watching in regards to the oil.

You can find a lot more information at PhoenixTears. http://www.phoenixtears.ca/

May 23 2012 07:01 PM
Getting ready to make a batch of oil for a new cancer patient. I want this oil to be the best I have ever made. I am using 4 strains, all indica dominant. Here is one of the strains that I just harvested. All of the top premium buds will be used in this batch of oil. The strain here is one I call 4-G.

4 G Fresh Harvest 2012 05220012

4 G Fresh Harvest 2012 05220010

4 G fresh harvest 2012 05220007

The next batch of oil will be made with the newly harvested 4-G and the previously harvested strains. In the jars are select buds from the other 3 strains being used to make the oil. I should end up with between 1 and 2 ounces of high grade oil when done.
4 strains Set For fresh batch Of Oil 2012 05230009
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Thank you so much for posting this.Thank you LORD what a blessing.Saving up buds now,
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Jun 07 2012 09:01 PM

Thank you so much for posting this.Thank you LORD what a blessing.Saving up buds now,

If you have any questions about making the oil, feel free to ask, either here on the blog or via PM. I am more than happy to help anyone learn to make their own oil.

Peace and God bless.
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Jun 19 2012 08:36 PM
Here is a video testimony of my Hodgkin's Lymphoma patient after his treatment with RSO.

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I have been making oil for about 1-1/2 years now. I cut it with hemp seed oil as it is very strong. I use 99% isopropyl as well & put it into little botles with eye droppers. I start with 1/2 oz. of buds (small batches), leave them soak overnight & then use a potpourri heater to reduce. It takes a little longer but I'm not in a hurry so, what the hell. I start off with a pint of liquid & end up with about 1/2 tsp. I then add about 20 Ml. of hemp seed oil & then suck up with a 12 Ml. syringe. This makes 2 bottles. The last batch, I only used enough hemp seed oil to make one bottle, double strength. 6 drops laid me on the floor!!!! My patients LOVE it!! One of them says this is the only way he gets any sleep as his back is so bad, I've seen him crawl across the floor in pain. I give my patients 1 bottle per month & do not charge for it. My small contribution.Of course some people poo-poo it as is the case with anything they don't understand but, I personally am a believer. LONG LIVE CANNABIS !!!!!!!!!!!
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Oct 17 2012 08:45 PM
It has been a while since I originally started with RSO. I have learned so much more since starting this blog. There is a lot of information I need to add.

Free Cancer Treatment with Rick Simpson Oil.

I would like to treat another person like I treated StoneCrowe316, free, no cost whatsoever.

Here is a link to the offer. http://michiganmedic...free-of-charge/

This offer is good through Christmas 2012 unless a patient is found sooner.
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Dec 24 2012 11:09 PM
The free cancer treatment offer has been taken.

I will be adding information about the new patient in the near future.

First batch of oil for the new patient.

fresh cannabis Oil
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Dec 27 2012 07:39 PM
Well, the patient has been doing well for the first 4 days of oil therapy. For him, it required a dose about the size of two grains of rice before he started to feel the full effects of the oil. That surprised me a bit.

So far it appears that things could not be better for him or me.

He has been consistently reporting to me on how he is feeling. That in itself is a great asset to him, me, and the medical marijuana community. The more we learn the more we will know the truth about concentrated cannabis oil.

In only four days he has been able to get more than three hours of sleep per night, averaging about five right now. He had a serious issue with night sweats, since starting the oil, the sweats have gone away. He had an issue with being itchy all over, which has become less severe since starting the oil. Also, his blood pressure has gone down. He no longer has the desire to drink beer. He used to drink a few every night to help with sleep. He has noticed some weight gain, which is good because he has lost quite a bit of weight the past couple of months. When he reduced the amount of Xanax, that is when he started feeling the "high" effects of the oil.

Recently he noted that now after a few days of taking the oil and reducing the Xanax, he is now feeling the spaced out and high effects that the oil can cause. This is to be expected.

More to come....
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Dec 29 2012 08:29 AM
Here is a little update from my new cancer patient. This is something he wrote to start logging his experience. I thought it would be a great addition to this blog. It appears that he has a very high tolerance to the oil, which is a good thing. This way it will make the consuming of 60 grams much easier.


I finally have some time to write. What a wild ride since Christmas Eve! Trying to keep up with everything is a challenge. I have just taken my 10th dose and finished my first gram of oil. My dosage is now about 1/8 gram.

The first couple of days were spent waiting for some incredible buzz to hit any minute. It caused me to feel calm and mildly sedated, starting at a rice grain size and adding just a little at a time.

I had an appointment with the surgeon that removed part of a tonsil to biopsy one week prior yesterday, the 26th. Of course, I started to get a really nice buzz that morning. They expected the biopsy to be positive and the “source” of the metastasized cancer cells found in my lymph node. If the results were positive, chemo and radiation was waiting for me, down the hall. I would need a way out. GiGi and a few others helped me to establish a game plan for any outcome. I have to buy time now. I am in treatment now, but not the one that they want and they can't know it.

The surgeon came into the room and said that “This may sound like good news, but the tonsil biopsy was negative and we aren't sure where the cancer cells are coming from”. “I'd like to..” I said “Excuse me”. He said “What?” I asked him if he had reviewed my family history. He said “No”. I told him that my mother had passed away from melanoma 14 years ago and that had metastasized from a spot on her skin. I asked if an irregular shaped mole, without a smooth surface and scaling, near the neck mass, could be the source, even though it wasn't textbook. I haven't heard from the dermatologist yet.

The doctor then went back to where I interrupted. He said that he wanted to remove the lymph node. I told him that I recalled the radical procedure that he had described to do that. He said that h e wold like to do a “less invasive” procedure “that shouldn't” involve more than a small incision. He wanted to get as much of the node as he could for another biopsy. Since it is his job to know the size of the mass, I told him that I thought it was getting smaller and would he see what he thought. He agreed and said that it was “strange”. I asked him if it would be easier to take out if it kept getting smaller. He said “Yes.” and we agreed to meet in a couple of weeks, after the mole is addressed.

GiGi suggested to start treating the mole topically and hold off any biopsy on it until there are no more excuses. She's the boss!

The buzz is pleasant. I'll keep adding to my dose, but I'm getting to where taking the trash out is a project, instead of a chore. Actually doing it is easy. The preparation takes a while. Where is all the trash? What size bags will I need? Where do I keep those? How many? And, if the phone rings, you have to start all over, if you remember to. Multitasking is a thing of the past. Tasking is taxing. If I have to do business, or something is really important, I seem to be able to lose the buzz completely and have extremely clear, focused thinking and interaction. I would not feel safe to drive, but I could do it.

I have a long history of experimenting with most drugs. I have a tolerance to most. I always leaned toward the sedative side than the stimulant side. My experience with hallucinogens doesn't make me fear a little too much oil and I could never smoke too much good herb, or hash. I've done my share of drinking. I thought that I would tolerate the oil well and I expect to be on a full dose by next week, or the week after. I have not had an interest in smoking anything, or drinking alcohol, since I began taking RSO.

No matter what happens, this is what was meant to be. The doctors are lost now and I am getting treatment. I am getting better. If the mole is the source, maybe they will find a bunch of dead cancer cells in the biopsy. I wonder what they would say . . . if anything.

I have already started to gain a few pounds. My night sweats were gone the first night (I had been soaking one side of the bed and moving over, almost every night). I am sleeping much better, but not great. Still have some strange itching, but that is reduced significantly. I had been getting cold, with sweats. That has not happened since my first dose.

Thanks to everyone and I hope that I get more time to spend here. I just got the news on the 3rd of December and I have had a lot to do since then. A few more documents and some short trips should get the rest finished up. It's getting harder to absorb, the foggier things get!
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Dec 29 2012 05:18 PM
The dose size the patient is taking at this point is outstanding! He is taking a higher dose then any patient that has used my oil at this point in the therapy. Whether it be due to tolerance or the patient's motivation, either way it is good news.

He has a concern that the source of the cancer in the lymph node may be from a mole on his face. So, I suggested that he put a dab of oil on that mole once a day and cover it with a band aid and see what happens. To do this for at least two weeks and see if it makes a difference. The doctors have not been able to track down the source of the cancer yet. They have tried and failed.

Here is a little update from the patient.


I feel confident enough to report a solid, significant piece of proof that my health has improved since beginning RSO treatment Just five days ago. I bought a new digital scale on the 23rd. It measures to the 10th of a pound. I tried it a few times when I got home, just to see that it would be consistent. It was. The morning of the 23rd I weighed 164.0 (naked for accuracy). I usually vary from 175 to 200, but had been losing weight quickly. I had not weighed less than 170 since before High School and I'm 54 (my birth date on this page is not accurate). Because my weight had been coming off so fast, I was eating cheesecake for breakfast, drinking 1,350 calorie protein shakes, eating huge steaks and potatoes smothered with butter, a big lunch, ice cream for dessert and the pounds kept falling.

I didn't give my weight readings much thought for the first couple of days, even though they were never below my benchmark. On the morning of the 27th I recorded a weight of 167.4. Yesterday and today my weight was exactly the same - 173.8. I did not think that I could put weight on so quickly. Simply amazing!

My sleep is still improving. No new symptoms. Old symptoms all gone, or reduced. Incredible for less than a week of treatment with any medication(s). I have faith in this, but realize that life offers no guarantees. I'm sure that my mental attitude has improved since I began my RSO treatments, but the physical changes are not all due to a better mood! There is more good news, but I want to wait until I have more solid evidence of progress.

I have a gram scale, so I decided to dose using that. I just increased from .25 grams to .30. Also shoveled a big driveway with an inch, or two, of snow. Felt good to get the fresh air and exercise. Didn't bring on any more buzz, or anxiety. Was actually calming.

Thanks to everyone joining me on this journey. I'll update the doctor fumbling soon. They are tripping over their own schedules and cancer is important enough to get after that they scheduled a dermatologist to look at my mole in a month from now! The radiation guy says that I won't see next Christmas without chemo and radiation, but what's a month?
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Dec 30 2012 10:18 AM
To respect the patient's privacy, and the people who are close to him, names are not being used. I thought I would share this tid bit with you all. A person who is very close to the patient recently made the following statement regarding the patient's condition.

Thank you all for this!!! I cannot believe the difference in ****'s attitude alone...I have known him 13 years and the weight loss was shocking. To have put back 10 lbs. in less than a week...I just know this treatment is going to work!!
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Dec 31 2012 08:00 PM
I would like to mention that with my new cancer patient, this is the first patient who started the treatment with my quick frozen extract method oil.

There is a very big difference between the two. My first patient started off with oil made from material that was soaked in the solvent for days rather than minutes. The results will be quite different between the two oils. The frozen extract method (doesn't have to be frozen) is much easier to take and I believe it is much easier to build up a tolerance. At least at this point it appears that way. I don't know which method is more effective in fighting cancer. I have chosen to stick with the quick wash method because the patients are able to consume .5 gram dose much faster than with the long soak extraction method. I feel that this is important because the patient needs to get up to that size dose as soon as possible to be more effective in attacking the cancer cells. I am only guessing that the quick method is higher in THC and lower in CBD.

My new patient, in only one week has been able to get up to .5 gram dose three times per day. The two patients that started off with the long soak method oil, it took each of them six weeks before they could increase the dose size. I have high hopes that these changes that I have made in producing the oil will speed up the process of eliminating the cancer.

Also, the quick method, with high grade bud, tastes like ganja. Whether you are eating it or vaporizing it. I just tried vaping a sample of the same oil that was given to the new patient and it was very enjoyable.

Concentrated Cannabis Oil - RSO In Vape
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Jan 13 2013 06:31 PM
Today I met with the new patient and gave him 30 more grams of RSO (concentrated cannabis oil) , 20 grams from the first picture below and 10 more grams from my previous batch (frozen extract method). I also tossed in 5 samples of some of the strains I am growing right now to give him something new to try.

So in total, the patient has now received 60 cc's of oil. If you weigh it by the gram, it will come out heavier than 60 grams. I prefer to use the liquid measure of cc rather than the dry weight measure of grams.

He wanted to give me a small gift for giving him the oil. I had to decline the gesture, as I said in my initial offer, I will take zero compensation, and I am a woman of my word. I have fulfilled my end of the agreement, and it is in God's hands now.

We will report back on the final outcome, positive or negative.

This latest batch of oil I made was a learning experience for me. I did not expect the oil to come out as dark as it did. In the past I have somewhat judged my oil by the color. No longer will I judge by the color whatsoever. You would think that because it is darker that it is heavier in chlorophyll. This batch of oil is the most tasty oil I have ever tried. It is not the most potent, but it is the best tasting. For oil lovers, you almost can't stop eating it, it tastes that good! I will not hesitate to use blueberry jam to make the oil. Just wanted to make a note of it. In my opinion, if this oil had gone through additional filtering (charcoal filtering) to remove any existing chlorophyll, I feel that would have degraded the quality. I would only recommend extra filtering to remove chlorophyll when lower grade product or if the material went through a longer soaking period.
Fresh RSO For New patient 2012 12230028

30 grams RSO (cannabis Oil) & strain samples 2013 1130013
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Jan 27 2013 09:31 AM
We have another case of the doctors being confused!

From the patient:

"Another doctor has joined the ranks of the confused. The chemo guy agrees that the only thing left to do is to take the node. I don't think that it will go away on its own now. It isn't a cancer mass, just some cells mixed in. They don't know if it's alive. If it is dead, it should go, anyway. I will still have the option to refuse chemo and radiation treatment if it comes back positive on this biopsy.

I won't do chemo or radiation. In fact, the chemo oncologist told me that it would be my decision after they get the biopsy results back.
This continues to get more strange. Last week the surgeon said that I might not have cancer and the oncologist said the same thing today. Last month they said that I would be dead within a year without chemo and radiation. I can only believe that things are going much differently than they assumed things would go. If that biopsy comes back negative, we need to have a party! They seem to be having a hard time figuring out how to tell me that I might live after the death sentence."

So, if the biopsy does come back negative, this patient will be cancer free. Now, considering when he does have the procedure to remove the node it will only have been about 37 days of taking the oil. Honestly, I am not expecting the biopsy to come back negative, but can you imagine if it does? I have high hopes that it does come back negative, I think it will. As soon as I hear the results, I will let everyone know.
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Feb 12 2013 09:52 PM
Here is a cancer, not the same as this patient's. You can see, many of the patient's initial symptoms are described in this link http://www.mayoclini...ECTION=symptoms

As you can see, the oil has taken away, or masked his cancer symptoms. He gained back the weight he lost, sweats are gone, and so on. As far as we know there is no one pharmaceutical drug that can take away all of those symptoms. Also, the oil has helped this patient with his neck and back pain better than any of the opiates the doctor was prescribing.

What does all this say? So far, it shows that the oil does treat the symptoms of certain cancers and much more.

Hopefully in the near future, we can also show that it is helping to eliminate the cancer.

If it does eliminate the cancer, it does not mean that he has been "cured", but it does mean that he has some control over it. Even if he is confirmed cancer free, he will have to take one or two small doses of the oil per day, or the cancer may return quickly.

A note from the patient:

It's been a month since I posted. A sample of my tonsil tissue was sent to Mayo and came back positive after coming up negative here. I allowed them to take the lymph node a few weeks ago and it came back positive, as well. Squamous cell carcinoma - tonsil primary with metastasis to at lest one node - T1 N1 - stage 3 at least.

The local hospital had me lined up for two kinds of chemo, surgery and radiation before the tonsil and lymph node biopsies. A needle biopsy had found cancer already. I took the surgeon up on a offer for a second opinion at U of M. They knew going in that I am anti chemo and radiation, so I got a surgery only option. Of course, if tissue samples go to pathology and come back positive they will push radiation.

So, I have accepted the opportunity that I have to contribute to this cause. I began my oil treatment on Christmas Eve, before the tonsil and lymph node biopsies. I have about 11 grams to go to finish up my 60 gram dosage and at a gram per day now, I will have completed the treatment in less than two months. I intend to continue taking a gram per day for another 30 days at least, if my project worked today. That will get me close to a 90 gram treatment, if things work out. I look at it as insurance. The oil has helped many symptoms that I don't want back, anyway.

Surgery is scheduled for mid-March. If everything comes back negative, the only thing that the doctors will be able to say is that the two biopsies must have removed all of the cancer, I had unnecessary surgery and I don't need radiation and chemo. I will post the results of my biopsies here, before April.

My project today was to make my own first batch of oil. I only have sativa to work with, so no testing tonight! The run went easier than expected. It demands attention and care. It's messy working with something like runny molasses until it hits air temperature and turns into gum. I'm sure that there is a gram left on my equipment that will just become part of my next batch. I set the orange cap from an oral syringe in the cup for color reference, but it's shaded. The oil turned out more amber than I expected from my first ISO quick wash. This is the last little bit to pick up.

patient makes His Own Oil 2 10 13

I am very proud of my "pad-wan learner" patient.

I will be making an additional 30 grams of oil for him so it will be about 90 grams of my oil before his next surgery with another biopsy.

Anyone who reads this, please pray with me that by the grace of God the next biopsy comes up negative.
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Feb 16 2013 09:54 AM
I decided to up the offer to 90 grams (free of course) so I made another batch of oil to do so. I wanted to make the transition to him supplying himself easier and I hope it all goes well.

This batch came out very golden and very tasty. I used 10 ounces of premium bud which produced 36 grams of superb oil.
Dry buds for oil 2013 02140003

The oil is almost finished evaporating off the alcohol in these photos.
Final stage, removing solvent 2013 02140079

Final stage - evaporating solvent 2013 02140099

In these photos, the oil is finished. I even get to keep 6 grams (cc's) for myself.

Golden RSO 2013 02140106

Golden drop of RSO 2013 02140087

Free RSO for patient 2013 02140113

The final results are yet to come.
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Apr 09 2013 08:00 PM

The patient has been confirmed cancer free. No chemo, no radiation, minor surgery and RSO.


I will fill in the details at another time, need to take a mental break.


The important thing is that the patient is cancer free, happy, and healthy.

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May 24 2013 06:54 PM

My most recent experience with Rick Simpson Oil.

I may have successfully created electronic cannabis oil. Using RSO, I have added other ingredients to it in an attempt to mimic the electronic cigarette oils. I did this because the e-cigarettes work so well. I love the pen vaporizers. When it comes to convenience, they cannot be beat. I have looked into other pen vaporizers meant for waxes and other oils. I have read many forums discussing the different pen vaporizers available. It seems that there is no all mighty pen vaporizer out there, each brand seems to have various problems.

One challenge with this experiment is that the e-cigarette oils are water based and the RSO (cannabis oil) is oil based. That limits a lot of options.

Since there is no A-1 pen vaporizer, I decided to make some A-1 cannabis oil that an electronic cigarette would be accommodating to. It is still in the testing phase. It takes some time to consume one oil fill in the vaporizer. wink.png Looks like it will take a couple weeks if not longer to determine if I have had true success in this e-cannabis oil. biggrin.png

It tastes very good. When it comes to vaporizing oil, it is the best experience I have had. It definitely gives me the strongest buzz effects compared to any other vaporizing method I have used. I have also noticed that the buzz effect seems to be different than with smoking or vaporizing straight RSO.

My new G-Oil (LOL) , vaporizes at a lower temperature than what the RSO does. It thins the oil out so it can be used in a wick type pen vaporizer. It also helps penetrate tissue (lungs) so that the RSO can go into the blood stream faster and more efficiently.

I will check back soon and give more of a final report. It is still in the trial stage.

I only paid $35 for the vaporizer after tax and shipping.


E Cannabis Oil Aka G Oil
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May 25 2013 04:59 PM

Here is a close up photo of the current RSO that I have been experimenting with in making electronic cannabis oil. I believe that this batch of RSO is some of the best I have made so far.


Premium RSO 2013 0330 15
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May 27 2013 06:25 PM

Well, the pen vaporizer seems to be quite worthy. They are inexpensive enough to purchase extras or replacement pieces. I am using a Dream Vapor Electronic Cigarette. Looks like ego T makes a similar product. It seems that the parts may be interchangeable. There are all kinds of accessories, like variable voltage batteries.


Well, the big trick to make it work was actually pretty simple. I would very gently warm the RSO just until it melted. Then I take it off the heat and add propylene glycol to it. The mixture varies between 20-50% PG to RSO. The PG is used in some e-cigg oils, pharmaceutical products, and food processing. It causes the oil to penetrate the skin, or lung tissue which aids the oil to enter the bloodstream more effectively. Also, it causes the oil to vaporize at a lower temperature.


Man, I sure do love my pen vape with this oil mixture!

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