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The Future Looks Bleak?

Posted by trix , 03 December 2013 · 962 views
Home Grows, Dispensaries and 2 more...
So every day I read more and more about dispensaries, and government this and that.. LEOs hate this law due to lack of funding stemming from Marijuana arrests..

I was theorizing this morning with a buddy of mine..

I can see it now, the Government run dispensaries will cancel out our rights to grow our own, which in turn will put a halt to the "legal hom...


Walking On The Wild Side

Posted by trix , 21 August 2013 · 945 views
Hemophilia, fundraiser and 2 more...
9 days and counting until HFM's annual Walkin' on the Wild Side for Hemophilia  event. Net proceeds of this event will support HFM's programs and services for men, women and children with bleeding disorders.

Walkin' on the Wild Side for Hemophilia  takes place on Sunday, August 25, 2013 at the Detroit Zoo . Registration begins at 7:45a, the Walk starts a...


From: 8 Heroin Ods In Washtenaw County In 2 Days

Posted by trix , 16 June 2013 · 751 views

Officials: 8 heroin ODs in Washtenaw County in 2 days  

Saline  — Police and medical officials in Washtenaw County are reporting eight heroin overdoses, including one death, over a two-day span.
A 27-year-old Saline man died last week after Huron Valley Ambulance personnel attempted to revive him for 30 minutes.

AnnArbor.com  says seven others were hos...


How Can I Tell If My Cannabis Plant Is Over Or Under-Watered?

Posted by trix , in Grow Techniques 29 March 2013 · 1,110 views
medical marijuana, Trix
Over-watered vs. under-watered marijuana: how can I tell if my cannabis plant is over or under-watered?

A common question for new cannabis growers is how to tell if your drooping cannabis is over or under-watered. It's common for new growers to over-water their weed, but that doesn't mean that under-watering doesn't happen too. Never fear, it's easy to...


Anyone Else Ever Have To Deal W/ This?

Posted by trix , in Pain Management 30 September 2012 · 759 views

So yeah, Like most of us here on the forum I suffer with a pretty high degree of pain and have next to no outlet to relieve that symptoms that cause the pain. So I started going to the gym to try and atleast get my body in shape seeing as its falling apart and changing colors in front my eyes..

Anywho I was kinda seeking some personal experinces from oth...


The Policy For The Mmma Forums, From Michael Komorn

Posted by News and Information , in New Site Policy, activism, Coffee Hour, Dispensary, Farmers Market, letter campaign 13 July 2012 · 742 views

Simple as 1,2,3 - Will be the new policy for the MMMA forums

So much ado has been made at our attempt to provide a reasonable policy for posting on the forums. Much debate has been had amongst the moderator staff and on the forums amongst our members. As is often the case and even more so on the Internet, communication and semantics are critical when tr...


Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library Helps Everyone Learn How To Grow Marijuana Plant

Posted by trix , 03 July 2012 · 2,661 views
trix, Medical Marijuana and 2 more...
Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library  

Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library helps everyone learn how to grow marijuana plant hydroponics. Welcome, the spirit is to help medicinal cannabis patients and horticulturalists grow the most potent marijuana plants legally possible. Growing marijuana indoors in your own space, greenhouse or outdoor garden is not...


Beauty Or Aroma Or Taste?

Posted by trix , in Pain Management, marijuana testing, Poll questions 29 June 2012 · 625 views
Curing marijuana and 4 more...
Lets hear you input on the subject, this could very well help guide new patients form a conclusion on what the majority of the community looks for when they use marijuana for the first time!  

Whats more important, Beauty or aroma and flavor, how about the potency of the medication where does that fall in the mix?

Buzz  length, type, strain, anythin...


What To Know When Relying On A Affirmative Defense, Do You Qualify?

Posted by trix , in affirmative defense, Marijuana law, michigan legislature 28 June 2012 · 577 views
Affirmative defense and 9 more...
Think you're in the clear to rely on just a certification or recommendation and employ the affirmative defense after the recent Sup Ct opinions in King and Kolanek? Thing again!

If that is your plan, to rely on your certification or recommendation, then you may be in for some trouble and a rude awakening. So let's clear this up so you make an...


Member Of Our Community John Wells, Loses Everything To A Tragic Fire

Posted by trix , in Fire takes home, donations, activism 27 June 2012 · 784 views
Donations, news and information and 3 more...
Member Of Our Community John Wells, Loses Everything To A Tragic Fire John Wells suffered a house fire last Tuesday. He and his wife and their young daughter have lost everything.

The fire was started within their refrigerator. They have little support and are truly in need of help, living out of their fifth wheel behind the burned out hulk of their home until their homeowners insurance rebuilds it.

Insurance will not cov...


Mmma Monthly Coffee Hour Meetings W/ The Staff

Posted by News and Information , in activism, Coffee Hour 25 June 2012 · 589 views

Have you heard about the Coffee Hours that the MMMA Staff will be holding each and every month to help the community with questions and answers that they have and also meet and greet the Leaders of the orginization well heres you shot! Here is a list, That explains about the hours and days, as well as the locations where these events will be taking place.

MMMA staff will be holding in-person meetings, with coffee, twice each month. These meetings will be used to discuss planning for projects, events, and anything the staff or membership wishes to talk about.

These meetings will take place on the first and last Mondays of each month at 11:00 am.

The last Monday of each month (coming up next week), this meeting will be held in Clawson at the National Coney Island, 1331 W. Maple.

The first Monday of each month, the meeting will be held in Lansing at the Gone Wired Cafe, 2021 E. Michigan Ave.  

Hope you can make it!  

Source: Mmma Monthly Coffee Hour Meetings W/ The Staff


The Past Present And Future Of The Mmma (the Act).

Planet Green Trees Episode 100th Episode, The Past Present and Future of the MMMA (the Act).  

This show is dedicated to a recap of the past three years of the mm program in Michigan. We intend to have the most influential players chime in on their views and analysis from the past three years, the current state of affairs, and what the future holds for...


Marijuana Book Will Feature 100 Authors - Maybe Including You?

Posted by News and Information , in activism, Decriminalization, Dispensary, letter campaign, Marijuana law, National Headlines 17 June 2012 · 549 views

So you've always wanted to write a book about cannabis? Here's your chance.  

You're invited to participate in an iBook project intended to change perceptions about marijuana by telling 100 short stories by 100 real people, in a fun and easy-to-read format.

Each page will be formatted the same way. The top of the page will have your name, o...


Oregon's Largest Union Endorses Oregon Cannabis Tax Act

Posted by News and Information , in National Headlines, Marijuana law, Legalization, Decriminalization, activism 17 June 2012 · 752 views

There's good news and bad news from the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, OCTA 2012. The good: OCTA has received the endorsement and support of Oregon's largest private sector union, the United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 555, and their 18,000-plus members. On Thursday, June 14, UFCW Local 555's board of directors voted unanimously  to en...


Phil Cavanagh " Off The Record " Interview, Future Of Marijuana

Phil Cavanagh, mmma, Legalization and 6 more...
Phil Cavanagh " Off The Record " Interview, Future Of Marijuana Representative Phil Cavanagh D - Redford, answers many questions about the future of marijuana legislation in Michigan. Cavanagh

A 15 minute post-show OVERTIME segment, continuing with Cavanagh:

When asked about a future dispensary bill, Cavanagh responds, "I think it's Callton's bill."

Which one, I wonder?

Source: Rep Phil Cavanagh Performs On "off The Record...


Controversial Technique Increases Marijuana Yields...

Posted by trix , in Grow Techniques, cultivation, Pain Management 14 June 2012 · 1,727 views

Controversial Technique Increases Marijuana Yields... But At What Cost?  

June 13, 2012, San Francisco, Ca - Medical marijuana is fast becoming a valuable cash crop as the plant known as Cannabis Sativa becomes accepted across the United States for medical uses like the treatment of cancer, AIDs, depression, anxiety, and many other ailments with few oth...


Marijuana Activists Across Michigan Are Feeling A Little Less Discriminated Against

Posted by trix , in Marijuana law, affirmative defense, activism 14 June 2012 · 722 views
Supreme Court, Activism, cannabis and 5 more...
Marijuana activists across Michigan are feeling a little less discriminated against after a couple of state Supreme Court decisions favorable to their cause.  

Nobody's dancing around throwing buds of their favorite cannabis strains into the air, but marijuana activists across Michigan are feeling a little less discriminated against after a couple o...


Medical Marijuana May Become Decriminalized In 7 States

Posted by trix , in activism, Decriminalization, Legalization, National Headlines 12 June 2012 · 572 views

Medical Marijuana May Become Decriminalized in 7 States

Check out the video the Ohio Medical Cannabis Association speaking about "The Ohio Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 proposed amendment"

He is talking about a Patient Bill of Rights, or recognized State protections, different than in any other states. This is an in...


Why Non-marijuana Consumers Should Support Ending Cannabis Prohibition

Posted by trix , in Legalization, activism, Decriminalization, National Headlines 12 June 2012 · 492 views
marijuana, Prohibition and 4 more...
Just Because You Don’t Smoke Cannabis Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Support Legalization  

Every once in awhile I will be talking to a non-marijuana consumer, and they will tell me that the only reason they don’t support marijuana legalization is because they don’t smoke it. A common phrase I hear them say is, ‘Why would I care about something that doesn’t...


Grower's Dictionary

Posted by trix , in Grower's dictionary of terms, Grow Techniques, Uncategorized 10 June 2012 · 807 views
grow room, definitions, trix and 1 more...
Grower's Dictionary  

A-lamp n . standard incandescent lamp.

absorption n . The process by which plants take up water through their roots.

AC/H abbr . Air Changes per Hour. Measure of ventilation in enclosed spaces derived from ventilation fan CFM and cubic volume of a given space. 10 AC/H would indicate ventilation adequate to completely reple...

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