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Anyone Else Ever Have To Deal W/ This?

Posted by trix , in Pain Management 30 September 2012 · 801 views

So yeah, Like most of us here on the forum I suffer with a pretty high degree of pain and have next to no outlet to relieve that symptoms that cause the pain. So I started going to the gym to try and atleast get my body in shape seeing as its falling apart and changing colors in front my eyes..

Anywho I was kinda seeking some personal experinces from others on how they dealt with or what regime was taken to be able to continue working out, But not experince the extreme delayed pain that comes with it? I'm not sore ANYWHERE but my lower back where my pain exsist currently...

I have really had back problems for some time, surgery on my shoulders 5 yrs ago, Severed Long thoratic Nerve goes under the left shoulder blade witch causes extreme winging off my Blade, have issues with disks L-4,L5,L3 - S1.. hurniated and bulging.. I don't use heavy weights I know it keep it light with low reps and increase. I gained alot of stregh no doubt by what I have done thus far but just can't seem to shake the pain.. Not knowing if its helping or hurting.. But it feels so good when I'm doing it.. Thanks for listening

How'd you do it?


Nov 07 2012 10:27 PM
I have similiar pain,I warm up with a shower and use ice right after working out
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Thank you for commenting, I have heard from many that a ice bath can work wonders I know many professional sports players swear by the after game ice bath..
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