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Ron Paul's Farewell Speech: We Have Reached The Point Of No Return

Posted by 1lluminated1 , 18 November 2012 · 1,173 views

Excerpt from Ron Paul's Farewell Speech.  

Excessive government has created such a mess it prompts many questions:

Why are sick people who use medical marijuana put in prison?

Why does the federal government restrict the drinking of raw milk?

Why can’t Americans manufacturer rope and other products from hemp?



From: Witnesses: Detroit Police Kill 3 Harmless Dogs During Pot Raid

Posted by 1lluminated1 , 25 October 2012 · 747 views

Witnesses: Detroit police fatally shoot three harmless dogs during pot bust  

October 17, 2012 by Steve Neavling

There was nothing James Woods could do.

He screamed; he pleaded. ”Please don’t harm my dogs,” he begged police, who moments earlier had barged into his east-side home looking for marijuana.

Woods was forced into a corner last week when t...


From: Police Use Drug War As Cover To Legally Rape Their Victims

Posted by 1lluminated1 , 17 October 2012 · 581 views

Rapists on Patrol  

Posted by Nathan Goodman  on Oct 12, 2012

The prevailing myth about police is that they work “to serve and protect” the people from crime.  Sometimes they may do that, but all too often the police are the ones committing crimes.  I’m not just talking about petty crimes; I’m talking about rape and sexual assault.

Take the case of...


Flash Bang Badly Burns Young Girl In Botched Raid. No Drugs Found.

Posted by 1lluminated1 , 14 October 2012 · 727 views

Another Victory for the War on Drugs  

SWAT Team injures 12 year old girl with flash grenade - No drugs found.  


Friday, October 12th, 2012

Montana SWAT team drops a flash grenade through a window into a bedroom where two children are sleeping . No arre...


Propaganda For Dummies: Netanyahu Displays Cartoonish Bomb Diagram At The Un

Posted by 1lluminated1 , 27 September 2012 · 588 views

Propaganda for Dummies: Netanyahu displays cartoonish bomb diagram at the UN to convince the world to turn against Iran  

Jeffrey Heller
Thu, 27 Sep 2012 16:04 CDT
Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the 67th United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. Headquarters...


From: Another Casualty From The War On Drugs: Man Killed In Wrong House Raid

Posted by 1lluminated1 , 23 September 2012 · 606 views

Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House  

By Vicki Brown
L E B A N O N, Tenn.

A 61-year-old man was shot to death by police while his wife was handcuffed in another room during a drug raid on the wrong house.

Police admitted their mistake, saying faulty information from a drug informant contributed to the death of John Adams Wednesday night. They in...


From: Officer Shoots Kills Double Amputee In Wheelchair.

Posted by 1lluminated1 , 23 September 2012 · 641 views

Houston officer kills double amputee in wheel   chair  

By The Associated Press

HOUSTON (AP) — A Houston police officer shot and killed a one-armed, one-legged man in a wheelchair Saturday inside a group home after police say the double amputee threatened the officer and aggressively waved a metal object that turned out to be a pen.

Police spokeswoma...


From: Soldier Who Opposed Iraq War Deported And Arrested

Posted by 1lluminated1 , 20 September 2012 · 397 views

U.S. soldier who opposed Iraq war deported from Canada, arrested at border  

By Diana Mehta, The Canadian Press September 20, 2012  

TORONTO - An American soldier who sought refuge in Canada after becoming disillusioned with the Iraq war has been arrested after turning herself over to the United States.


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