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White Widow

Posted by MerIin , 23 November 2012 · 1,280 views

White Widow White Widow from Amsterdam is a really nice Indica strain to grow. The medical benefits from these plants are good too, including pain relief. I have grown this strain several times over the years and it was also highly productive using my methods of cannabis cultivation. I do pinch the plants now and then, it makes them stronger and more vigorous also the potency increases. My favorite thing to do is the last two weeks of flowering you leave the lights off. After that, you should have an awesome plants that is covered in rich trichomes! A favorite of mine.

Nov 24 2012 04:03 PM
So the last 2 weeks the plant spends in total darkness??? I recently purchase this strain from a dispensary in Traverse City so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Also, I don't think this strain likes me,, it is the only one that has leaf edge curling straight up,, not sure what is going on but I have been treating it the same as my other strains, but this strain is difficult,,,

Edited to add, ,I am not just a newbie on here, I am a newbie to growing, just started about 3 months ago, making many mistakes, very frustrated at this point,,, had to deal with hermies,, spider mites, very low yields, and now knats. Losing 15 day old clones within hours of planting from a clone bucket to new dirt. I can't seem to even yield enough to keep up with my daily medicine.. thinking this is extremely harder than I thought..
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Yes, the last 2-3 weeks of flowering give them total darkness. Leaf tips curling up? What are you using for light? Also, do not let the plants get too close to your light! Always use good store bought dirt and add Perlite to the mix to provide good drainage. You want MOIST soil not wet. I can help you with this strain, it is not that difficult to cultivate. For spider mites and/or bugs try spraying neem oil on the plants, it will kill the pests but not the plant. For low yields, you either are not feeding the plants right or not enough light is getting to the plants. I use CANNA nutrients
for mine and they thrive, no matter what strain I choose to grow. Plant your clones in a mix like I described to you here. Remember this, plant roots need to breathe so never use only dirt and no perlite or pumice. They prefer an airy mix!!! Also use distilled water, never ever use tap water for cannabis plants!!! That's a big no-no! Hope this helps you!!!
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