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Bbq In Clare Area.

Posted by mayorherb , 19 August 2012 · 904 views

Bbq In Clare Area. Clare County Compassion Club . ning is considering doing another BBQ. We are looking to see how many are or would be interested n Joining us? We have been getting alot of requests lately for us to have another one.So WE thought we would ask and see if anyone else would b or is interested n Joining us. We would supply the meat as allways..And everyone brin...


This Is Not Fair

Posted by mayorherb , 19 July 2010 · 707 views

I have been going to Gladwin Family Care Center 2137 w m-61 Gladwin Mich,48624 phone number 989-426-9399, fax 989-246-2257. I been going here for years, My Dr. there signed my ap over a year ago. He also signed my renewal. AND today when i showed up for my apoinment they had me sign a patient office policy and narcortic agreement. Which i did and when i r...


Medical Marijuana Expo.

Posted by mayorherb , 13 July 2010 · 477 views

Has any one herd if the Expo is canceled? and when it is again?


Looking For A New Dr.

Posted by mayorherb , 25 June 2010 · 253 views

I am looking for a new Dr, one that is Medical Marijuana friendly and takes my insurance, Melina is what i have..and also looking for other patients that was going to Gladwin Family Care Center that has been asked to turn in medical MArijauna card. Contact Matt able @ attorneyabel@riseup.net


Gladwin Family Care In Gladwin,any One Else Having Trouble Now?

Posted by mayorherb , 18 June 2010 · 264 views

I been going to this Clinic for awhile now, the Dr. that was there Signed my ap and my renewal as well as years of pain scripts.I am disabled and need both meds.Now they ahve a new Dr. and they are saying we have to give up our Medical Marijuana Card or get cut off our meds. If you or any one you know I urge you to contact Mr. Able @ www.attorney@riseup.n...


Mt.pleasant Compassion Club Meeting

Posted by mayorherb , 16 June 2010 · 420 views

June 17th , 2010 at the Malt Shop in MT.Pleasant Michigan, @ 6:30pm.Open to public.


Clare Compassion Meeting

Posted by mayorherb , 16 June 2010 · 280 views

Clare compassion meeting, June 26th. 12pm to 2pm, Clare Public Library. No meds are anything on Library property. We have a gentlemen coming up from another club to try to help us get our club off the ground and running like the big city clubs..If you are interested come on and see us...We will be passing a hat for gas money being the gentlemen is driving...


Dr. Not Being Fare To Patients, Gladwin, Mich. Our Dr.eft And New Dr. Wants To Cut Us Off.help!help!

Posted by mayorherb , 14 June 2010 · 231 views

I have been seeing a Dr. in Gladwin for a few years now. The Dr. there signed my medical amrijuana ap and so did he on my renewall. Now the problem is, That Dr. NO longer works at the clinic. The clinic has new Dr.s, and now they are trying to say WE has patients have to either give up our cards or give up our pain meds. THIS is not fair at all. I was bor...


Clare County Compassion Club.

Posted by mayorherb , 06 June 2010 · 488 views

there is a meeting in Clare on the 12th of june, 2010. Clare Library 12pm -2pm.Mostly what i am sending this letter out for is to ask mmma or some one to maybe help us get this group from going in a cirlce, Most like the club. But we are getting dizzy. We are not asking any one to come and run our club. Just for some guidence so that we can grow and be pa...