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Entries in April 2017
12 Apr Making A Federal Case Out Of Marijuana 1 Comments
Entries in February 2017
02 Feb Successful Affirmative Defense In Isabella County Exonerates Patients 3 Comments
Entries in January 2017
16 Jan Police Union Head Wonders Why Everybody Suddenly Wants Them To Stop Stealing People's Stuff 0 Comments
13 Jan Court Of Appeals Ruling Regarding Medical Marijuana Use While On Probation 0 Comments
Entries in November 2016
02 Nov Thanks To Everybody Involved In Weediquette Season 2 Episode 7 1 Comments
Entries in October 2016
31 Oct Why Marijuana Charges Against Patients/caregivers Are Not Brought Under The Mmma 0 Comments
07 Oct The Path To Amnesty For Persons Investigated, Arrested, Prosecuted, Convicted For Marihuana Charges, Related To Possessing Non-Plant Medical Marihuana 1 Comments
Entries in September 2016
25 Sep Felony Expungements Will Be Granted Due To Hb 4210 3 Comments
Entries in June 2016
23 Jun Komorn Law And Mmma File Class-Action Suit Against Msp And Oakland Sheriff 1 Comments
Entries in January 2016
11 Jan Michigan State Bar Marihuana Section - First Meeting 2 Comments
Entries in December 2015
29 Dec Federal Doj Complaint Filed Against The Msp Crime Lab. 0 Comments
14 Dec Komorn Law Investigates Msp Lab Fraud And Ag Ties 1 Comments
Entries in June 2015
30 Jun Hope - Autism As A New Condition For The Mmma Program 0 Comments
Entries in March 2015
15 Mar Michigan Voters Ok Medical Marijuana – Why Are Fewer Patients Signing Up 3 Comments
Entries in October 2014
29 Oct Man Won't Face Jail For Technical Violation Of Medical Marijuana Law 0 Comments
23 Oct Mark Totten: Clearing The Bs 4 Comments
Entries in September 2014
25 Sep Man Shoots At Police During No-Knock Raid; Now Faces The Death Penalty 1 Comments
Entries in August 2014
27 Aug $455,000 Seized From Medical Marijuana Patient Under Civil Asset Forfeiture 0 Comments
Entries in July 2014
09 Jul Cops Are Waging A War Against Our Children 0 Comments
Entries in May 2014
08 May Equitable Sharing: How Local Cops Get Around State Law To Steal Your Stuff 8 Comments
Entries in April 2014
30 Apr Busted: 5 Cops Caught Lying On The Stand 2 Comments
28 Apr Who Is The Real Enemy In The War On Drugs? 0 Comments
24 Apr Michigan Drivers Could Soon Face Saliva Testing For Thc Levels 2 Comments
24 Apr Arizona Supreme Court: Thc In System Does Not Equal Stoned Driving 1 Comments
23 Apr Mark Totten For Attorney General November 2014 0 Comments
10 Apr Marijuana Businesses, Revenues And Banking 1 Comments
08 Apr Legalize Marijuana? Think Of Your Dog, Says Dea Chief 4 Comments
02 Apr U.s. Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Court Ruling: Cops Must Return Marijuana 2 Comments
Entries in March 2014
14 Mar Decriminalization, Legalization On Michigan Ballots In 2014 4 Comments
13 Mar Random Drug Testing For All-New Proposal That Is Gaining Momentum 0 Comments
Entries in February 2014
13 Feb Banks Will Now Accept Deposits From Legal Marijuana Dispensaries 1 Comments
13 Feb Deputy Attorney General James Cole: Prison Population Is A "crisis" 0 Comments
13 Feb Why People Plead Guilty To Crimes They Didn't Commit 0 Comments
13 Feb Hawaii Wants To Grow Marijuana To Pay Off Debt 0 Comments
Entries in December 2013
05 Dec Gretchen Whitmer Stands With The Medical Marijuana Community 1 Comments
Entries in July 2013
25 Jul This Is A Man Who Makes Millions (In Your Tax Dollars) Keeping Marijuana Illegal 0 Comments
Entries in May 2013
03 May Jury Selection In Marihuana Cases 2 Comments
Entries in March 2013
16 Mar 50 Years After Key Case, Problems Defending The Poor Persist 0 Comments
Entries in February 2013
06 Feb Cautious Optimism For Approval Of New Medical Marijuana Conditions 0 Comments
Entries in November 2012
04 Nov Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, Pilot, County Sued Over Claims Of Damage From Helicopter At Dream Cruise. 0 Comments
Entries in October 2012
12 Oct Dr. William Courtney- Guest On Planet Green Trees 0 Comments
09 Oct Federal Court Of Appeals To Consider The Benefits Of Medical Marihuana 0 Comments
04 Oct Some History About Marijuana In America You May Not Be Aware Of And How 2 Lines Of Coke Got Us To This Point 0 Comments
Entries in September 2012
30 Sep Us Government Unable To Keep Ancient Superfood, Hemp Seeds, Under Wraps 0 Comments
26 Sep Charges Against Medical Marijuana Doctor Raise A Lot Of Questions 0 Comments
22 Sep Author Presents 150 Beneficial And Healthful Uses Of Marijuana 0 Comments
22 Sep A Look At What It Means To Regulate Just Like Alcohol 0 Comments
20 Sep Planet Green Trees Episode 112 –Juicing Raw Cannabis 0 Comments
19 Sep Sixth Circuit Rules A Private Employer Can Fire You For Using Medical Marijuana-Wal-Mart Joseph Casias 0 Comments
19 Sep Findings Inspire Medical Pot Researcher 0 Comments