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Making A Federal Case Out Of Marijuana

Posted by Michael Komorn in Michael Komorn's Law blog, 12 April 2017 · 1,351 views

Our client, a medical marijuana patient registered with the State of Michigan, was out for a boat ride and some fishing on his friend’s boat. What started out as a glorious day with intentions of sun and fishing on the Detroit river later turned into federal charges of possession of marijuana (21 USC 844 , 21 USC 844a ) when a Border Patrol agent pulled u...


10 Frequently Asked Questions About Cbd

Posted by Michael Jacobs in Marijuana from A-Z, 29 May 2017 · 185 views

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Cbd If you have ever been curious about medical marijuana and done any research, then you know that one of the major compounds in the cannabis plant that is medically useful is the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol . While THC does have its medical uses, THC is psychoactive and produces the “high” that some people are familiar with when it comes to marijuana...


Doubling Down On Protection From Conviction

Posted by GregS in Doubling Down, 28 February 2017 · 1,282 views

Regarding the Supreme Court decision in People v Hartwick and People v Tuttle, I offer the following agreement that might be used between any patient and any caregiver. Both can benefit from it under any circumstance. It costs nothing but time, ink, and paper, and offers added protection in the event you are arrested and tried for marijuana use if and whe...


Successful Affirmative Defense In Isabella County Exonerates Patients

Posted by Michael Komorn in Michael Komorn's Law blog, 02 February 2017 · 3,092 views
Section 8, Cannabis Oil, Wax and 3 more...

Successful Affirmative Defense In Isabella County Exonerates Patients Komorn Law PLLC is happy to report that the broken criminal justice system shined a light on us today. The battle in Isabella, the State v Team Fisher concluded today with a 14-page opinion that was a joy to read. The Court held that the accused had not only presented proof of the requisite elements of the section 8 defenses, but that no question of fact...


Mmj And Medicare...

Posted by GreenLads1 in GreenLads1, 10 January 2017 · 273 views

Not sure if this is old news, but I think with more states coming on is more relevant and much more of this type of situation will occur:



Michigan Medical Marihuana Registered Patient Counts Over The Years

Posted by t-pain in Blogog, 14 November 2015 · 2,278 views

in 06/05/2009 there were 1,422 patient registration cards issued.
in 11/23/2009 there were 5,778 patient registrations issued.
in 12/11/2009 there were 6,439 patients registered
in 01/27/2010 there were 8,004 patient registrations issued.
in 04/06/2010 there were 11,835
in 05/28/2010 there were 17,362
in 07/02/2010 there were 20,548 patient registrations...


Prepping For Disaster(S). Economic Collapse? Long Term Food Storage - A Necessary Life Skill. Best Hand Pump For Water Wells.

Posted by GrowGoddess in GrowGoddess' Blog, 26 July 2015 · 3,994 views

In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has. Proverbs 21:20

Well there are a gazillion conspiracy theories out there. I must admit, I am a Christian and also believe in the Shmeta, a 7 year cycle. This Shmeta year is extraordinarily biblical, 4 blood moons, star of Bethlehem, the biblical aspects of th...


The Treatment Of Adhd

Posted by Drchopper74 in Drchopper74's Blog, 04 June 2014 · 1,574 views

Does any one one have any experience, or knowledge of someone who can talk to me about the use of cannabis for the treatment of ADHD in children?  I have read a few articles on the subject and it sounds very promising, especially since the treatment that the doctors want to give (Ritalin) is dangerous as HELL!!!  Thank you


Do You Know What April 6 Is?

Posted by Ms Chocolate in Ms Chocolate's Blog, 06 April 2014 · 1,524 views

Five years ago the State of Michigan begin accepting application under the MMMA. The program actually went into effect on the 4th, but it was a Saturday, so nothing could be done.

Lots has happened during these five years. there have been compliance, bending, side-stepping, disobeying, changes, changes, re-writing, back-stabbing, under-table dealings, an...


Cannabinoids, Ketogenic Diets, Holy Basil, And The Ppar Connection

Posted by in vivo in in vivo's Blog, 18 February 2014 · 7,201 views

Cannabinoids, Ketogenic Diets, Holy Basil, and the PPAR Connection  

Recently there's been a lot of talk, and even more confusion, about the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of pediatric epilepsy.  The science behind the possible physiological mechanisms involved seem to have been all but entirely left out of this discussion.  Though this paper is no...


The Future Looks Bleak?

Posted by trix in Community Awareness Information , 03 December 2013 · 2,309 views
Home Grows, Dispensaries and 2 more...

So every day I read more and more about dispensaries, and government this and that.. LEOs hate this law due to lack of funding stemming from Marijuana arrests..

I was theorizing this morning with a buddy of mine..

I can see it now, the Government run dispensaries will cancel out our rights to grow our own, which in turn will put a halt to the "legal hom...


Attorney General Holder Aims To Ease Drug Sentencing Guidelines

Posted by Michael Komorn in Michael Komorn's Blog, 12 August 2013 · 9,607 views
war on drugs and 2 more...

Attorney General Eric Holder is scheduled to speak to the American bar Association this afternoon about reducing sentences for minor drug offenders. He will also outline some encourage reducing prison populations by finding alternatives for elderly and non-violent criminals and encouraging and creating ways for federal prosecutors to sidestep minimum sent...


Senators Consider Stone Soup Legislation

Posted by Compassion Chronicles in Compassion Chronicles' Blog, 06 December 2012 · 4,816 views

Titles do not match descriptions, 11 proposed changes in one bill; Legislative “Swiss cheese” needs evaluation, not speedy vote

By Rick Thompson

Word is circulating in the media   and in Lansing that the Walsh package of anti-patient bills may be voted on in the Senate on Thursday, Dcember 6th during this year’s lame duck session of the legislatu...


I Just Inhaled, This Is What I'm Feeling Afterwards..

Posted by trix in Trix's Blog, 02 July 2012 · 1,706 views

I Just smoked, my desription of how I feel at this moment;

Ok so I just smoked a joint of a strain called Super Bee, a card holding friend stopped by to give it a try cause I was having some pretty bad back spams, and saw no sleep in my future.

So its been about lets say 10 minutes give or take, Once we started smoking I could instanly taste what would...


Did You Know? Little Known Facts In The Medical Marijuana Debate...Fyi

Posted by AlternativeSolutionsPlus in AlternativeSolutionsPlus' Blog, 12 April 2012 · 1,172 views

Did You Know?

Little Known Facts in the Medical Marijuana Debate

1.Marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, meaning it is considered to have a "high potential for abuse," "no currently accepted medical use," and "a lack of accepted safety." Rescheduling marijuana to the less restrictive...


Williamston Michigan Bans Medical Use Of Marihuana In Opposition To State Protections Under Law

Posted by Croppled1 in Croppled1's Blog, 18 March 2012 · 683 views

do allot of reading and I do not remember a locality barring medical  use anywhere else before in a medical cannabis State . Even Livonia's  troubling actions previously banning caregiver activities did not go there .  That doesn't mean it hasn't occurred but it is rare if so

. It just goes to show how discriminatory and dangerous attitudes...


Don't Throw Those Stems Out! Make Stem Oil

Posted by Dizledot in Dizzledot's Recipes, 03 August 2011 · 18,749 views

Another recipe using yet another part of this great healer that we just toss out! My last "recycle" recipe was using root balls for topical applications. The  stem  oil is used in recipes or taken as is.  



1) grind stems or cut up into small pieces. A coffee grinder will do the job nicely  

2) In slow cooker add...


Good 4 Colorado But Is It In Michigan?

Posted by karma in karma's Blog, 20 June 2011 · 636 views

I'm about to move back 2 mi from Colorado.i have had my card in co for a couple years. Is it possible to transfer it in to Michigan or am I going to need to go through all the steps to get it? My medical records are also old,I never needed them in co. You would just sit in a room with a doctor and tell them your symptoms, then they would recomend if m...


Week Three

Posted by Newlygrown in Newlygrown's Blog, 07 April 2011 · 475 views

I have five plants that are almost ready for flower and the clones are doing well. I moved my grow tent and added a humidifier as well as watering being cut back and plants are doing well. I also added protyk and it has done well not to let plants wilt. I love it. I am excited to star flowering but I am being patient so as to yield better and to not be im...


Echoes Of Pink Floyd Playing Dark Side Of Oz

Posted by DaKine in DaKine's Blog, 20 March 2011 · 497 views


Echoes of Pink Floyd on March 26 in Grand Ledge, Mi

Click the link for details


Medical Cannabis Terminology

Posted by Brad in Brad's Blog, 12 March 2011 · 756 views

I have been absent from these boards for several months for a number of reasons, chief among them, the lack of an internet connection in my ultra-rural, northern Michigan compound. While I have been fairly isolated, I have stayed in touch with the goings-on by slipping into town under cover of darkness to periodically surf the web. I've noticed that s...

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