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  • IMG 20140701 110703274
    IMG 20140701 110703274
    Cotton Candy#2- This gal is budding much faster than her counterpart, but we'll see how she goes in the coming weeks.
  • IMG 20140701 110659645
    IMG 20140701 110659645
    Cotton Candy #1- Making some slow progress, but going!
  • Indiana Bubble Gum
    Indiana Bubble Gum
    That looks a lot like my DP Strawberry Cough that came out as being an indica dominant phenotype. I wish I knew all the genetics that were used to produce this strain. Good job! You have a lot...
  • IMG824 zps7fc16af4
    IMG824 zps7fc16af4
    Very nice ! Thanks for sharing!
  • IMG824 zps7fc16af4
    IMG824 zps7fc16af4
    stems are unusable lmao, wow the tric's on there are cool as hell, all your pics are sweet, great job!

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