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  • SAM 3170   Copy
    SAM 3170 Copy
    Can't wait to see how this turns out, hoping for more pics to come.
  • Hog03022015
  • t25 (640x480).jpg
    t25 (640x480).jpg
    wow what a good catch, I never have my cam ready when something cool happens out side, well other than my game cam and it isnt by my house lol! Peace
  • Shadow 41609 135
    Shadow 41609 135
    oh man and I thought my dog was shedding lol! Peace
  • 6 months Old 60 65 pounds (800x534)
    6 months Old 60 65 pounds (800x534)
    He is almost fully grown now.After owning an Akita I would have to say they are the smartest dogs, at least that I have ever owned. They will give back what you put into the relationship. Anybody e...

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