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  • ,grape stomper 23 days ,
    ,grape stomper 23 days ,
    That is beautiful
  • today
    That looks surprising close to the liberty haze i just finished up.
  • Vapes 20160402 018
    Vapes 20160402 018
    The one on the far right is fresh made e-cannabis oil. The two on the left are e-cigarette oil.
  • QWISO Griffin 20160402 017
    QWISO Griffin 20160402 017
    E-cannabis oil, QWISO style.4-G strain, clone only.
  • Griffin 20160331 010
    Griffin 20160331 010
    I'm not much of a smoker, on a couple of occasions of the year I'll break out the Hookah for tobacco smoking, but that's about as far as that ever goes. Something like this, in my personal experien...

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