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The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association has been fighting for patient and caregiver rights since 2008. We are widely recognized as the state-wide leader in providing services, advocacy and information to the medical marijuana community.

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Tnt Running Out Of Money! Oh No!

Michigan Marijuana News Yesterday, 07:38 AM
http://www.9and10new...clipId=10878540 theres a video interview too.  As times change, it's becoming harder for the Traverse Narcotics Team to pay for what they do.TNT is a drug team that covers eight counties including Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Missaukee, Osceola,...
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Lets Get Personal: 29 Jun 2010
If you can relate to the sentiment in this song, post some music! For music-related discussion too.
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Lara Wants To Use $2.9 Million To Make An Online Car...

Michigan Marijuana News Yesterday, 08:31 AM
http://www.house.mic...l_Marihuana.pdf   Furthermore, the department anticipates that implementing an internet-based application process would save a significant, yet indeterminate, amount of staff time and resources. Although, the department estimates the one-time cost to develop and implem...
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Non-Growing Caregiver

Caregiver Issues: 21 Nov 2014
I've been throwing around an idea and after reading the thread " I Want To Become A Full-Time Caregiver" I'm even more intrigued.   Question - I have a pt. card and a caregiver. Would it be legal if I took on a pt or two and used my caregiver to supply my med's to me and...
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