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The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association has been fighting for patient and caregiver rights since 2008. We are widely recognized as the state-wide leader in providing services, advocacy and information to the medical marijuana community.

Recent Forum Posts

Anyone With A Southfield Public Library Card?

Lets Get Personal: Today, 02:29 PM
http://www.southfiel...by-topic/health(scroll down and click on jama)might be able to access JAMA articles using it.let us know if it works. theres always some full article that we need to read.
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Our Section 8 Defense And Court Drama...

Victims of the System 11 Aug 2014
Ok, I will try and keep this short and simple, with a few minor specifics left out, as it isn't really important.. And there was no controlled buy, no dealing or sharing... My wife is a mmj patient since 2010, worked great for her multiple serious conditions, t-boned at 60 while driving a dodge n...
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Don't Have My Card Yet. Will Any Dispensary Take Me?

Patient Issues: 15 Aug 2014
Hey all.   Like the title says, I don't have my card yet. I have been certified and have sent all my info to the state. Now I am waiting for the card. From what I've seen on some forums, that card may take up to six months.  Surely it is some form of cruel and unusual punishment to have...
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Happy Frog

General Growing Information: Today, 10:43 AM
Ok to use for seedlings? Mixed with Perilite. I'm aware of making your own soil, just wondering if the HF is ok for seedlings or if there's another bagged organic soil that is better( taking bugs into consideration).
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Convincing The Skeptical

General Conversation 20 Jul 2014
I was on a non cannabis (sports) message board recently that is centered in New York state.  There was a thread on marijuana, likely because NY recently approved medical cannabis.  After reading a few pages of stoner name calling, myths, and misconceptions, I felt compelled to post and...
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