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The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association has been fighting for patient and caregiver rights since 2008. We are widely recognized as the state-wide leader in providing services, advocacy and information to the medical marijuana community.

Recent Forum Posts

Well Water Tips

Hydroponic Growing: 16 Jul 2010
Our well water is very high in lime. . . slightly less in iron. Is it necessary for me to filter this, or would I be OK going with the water straight from the tap form my first grow? I don't mind spending the money for some type of filtration unit down the road, and I don't want to se...
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Epic Mra Poll Puts Schuette Ahead Of Dem. Candidate By 6%

Michigan Legislature Yesterday, 10:12 PM
Schuette 38% Dem Candidate (don't remember his name) 32% poll margin of error +-4%   Dump Schuette. Spread the word to everyone you know. Now is the time to act. Spread the word NOW.   Admin: I know this isn't about the Mich Legislature. You need another subtopic under political discuss...
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Mi Ag Invited To Weigh In On Constitutionality Of Marijua...

Michigan Marijuana News Yesterday, 06:03 AM
In 2014, various district court judges throughout Michigan have dismissed criminal cases against individuals charged with violating a 2012 law which penalizes   unauthorized methods of transporting marijuana. The marijuana transportation law is, however, currently being enforced i...
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Repost:it's Just A Lame Duck

Michigan Legislature Yesterday, 12:13 PM
This was originally posted in the Members forum. I'm re-posting so everyone can see it.     It’s Just a Lame Duck- by Ben Horner   For over two years the medical marijuana community has been working on legislation to regulate marijuana dispensaries. The main bill is HB 4271, starte...
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Lets Get Personal: 29 Jun 2010
If you can relate to the sentiment in this song, post some music! For music-related discussion too.
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