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Chat room rules 


No profanity or sexually explicit language will be allowed in the chat room. There could be minors in the room. Violation of this rule will get you banned from the chat room. This is not the place to find a date or cyber partner there are others sites you can visit for that.


Show respect for the other visitors to the chat room. No name calling or harassment of other members will not be tolerated. Please do not disrupt the current conversation when you first enter the room. Making threats to another member will get you banned immediately.


No spamming will be allowed period. Anyone violating this rule will have their posting rights restricted for three days. Second offense will get your chat room right revoked for thirty days. And you all know what happens after the third strike.


We strongly suggest you do not post personal information on the site anywhere. By doing so you accept the risks involved by disclosure of your personal information on a public forum.


No impersonating other members will be allowed. Creating more than one account is prohibited.


When posting please refrain from using all caps as it is considered yelling and quite rude too.


No flooding permitted in the chat room. Violation of this rule will get you ejected from the room and if continued you will be banned.


No racial, sexuality, or other offenses remarks will be tolerated and violators will be ejected from the room for thirty days. Please do not provoke other chatters or attempt to engage in arguments that use derogatory or belittling comments. Differences of opinion are welcomed as long as they are presented in a respectful manner.


Site administrators reserve the right to amend these rules at anytime without notification to the members so please check them periodically.