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Featured Blog Post - Felony Expungements Will Be Granted Due To Hb 4210

  • Posted by Michael Komorn in Michael Komorn's Law blog, Sep 25 2016 09:11 PM

    Over the past 8 years Komorn Law has vigorously represented medical marihuana patients and caregivers accused of violating the law. On July 11, 2013 the Michigan Court of Appeals in the matter of People v Carruthers delivered one of the worst opinions ever issued by any court anywhere. It was the worst opinion ever, not because I simply disagreed with it. It was the worst opinion ever because it was literally hard to read, painful to read, and difficult to comprehend. Difficult to comprehend in this context means that the opinion was not logical and ignored or failed to rely on principles of reason in coming to its conclusions.

    The principles of logic that were ignored or in er... Read the full blog