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The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association has been fighting for patient and caregiver rights since 2008. We are widely recognized as the state-wide leader in providing services, advocacy and information to the medical marijuana community.

Recent Forum Posts

Free Lab Testing For Patients?

Patient Issues: Today, 11:54 AM
As a patient, if lab testing,(terpene profiles, thc, cbd, etc, pesticides, mold etc) was legal, accessible, and free, would you give up a gram at the local center to receive a 3 minute repeatable result?     5$? 10$? 20$?  
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Father Fighting To Use Medical Marijuana Concentrates Not...

Michigan Marijuana News 26 Feb 2015
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – A Spring Lake father already served jail time and is due back in court for another felony charge of medical marijuana concentrates possession, despite having a medical marijuana card. Max Lorincz told FOX 17 has suffered years of pain from a long list of ailments, including...
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Florida Jury Trail, Anorexic Using Medical, Not Guilty

National Headlines Today, 11:34 AM
http://marijuanastoc...ical-marijuana/ While Florida might have lost the battle for medical Marijuana with a 57% majority, the people have not lost the ability to be rational. Making history in Florida for the first time a Broward jury acquitted a man of cultivating and harvesting cannabis after...
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Marijuana Quality Testing Going Mainstream‏

Patient Issues: Yesterday, 04:57 PM
http://www.mercuryne...oing-mainstream Marijuana quality testing going mainstream By Lisa M. Krieger     Cannabis used to be what moonshine is to alcohol, its content as murky as a cloud of smoke lingering over a Phish concert.   Now a cadre of Bay Area laboratories can tell y...
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New Study

National Headlines Yesterday, 08:59 AM
Well here you go,   http://www.fool.com/...-news-rega.aspx
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