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The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association has been fighting for patient and caregiver rights since 2008. We are widely recognized as the state-wide leader in providing services, advocacy and information to the medical marijuana community.

Recent Forum Posts

New Caregiver

Caregiver Issues: 18 Dec 2014
Hi, I am a patient and have been asked to become a caregiver, my question is what is a reasonable donations for meds, the patient was wanting 2 plants after harvest and then donation for anything needed after. what do caregivers usually do for their set up?
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Sad Day

Michigan Legislature Yesterday, 05:02 AM
Don't know how to post articles but just read in the free press all medical marijuana bills are dead,not enough support to even get a vote
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Favorite Vaporizer For Concentrates - What Is Yours?

Vaporizing Medical Marijuana 16 Feb 2014
So far my favorite vaporizer for concentrates is an itazte SVD by innokin.   It is amazing all that you can do with this vaporizer. It comes standard with 510 and eGo threads to accommodate many different attachments. Those are pretty much standard e-cigarette threads. Some of the vaporizers...
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People V Hartwick - Coa Mmma Published Opinion

Eric L. VanDussen Reports 20 Nov 2013
312308 PEOPLE OF MI V RICHARD LEE HARTWICK Panel: HWS DHS KJ Lower Court: OAKLAND CIRCUIT COURT, No. 2012-240981-FH Opinion - Authored - Published (HWS)20131119_C312308_44_312308.OPN.PDF Opinion - Concurring (KJ)20131119_C312308_45_312308C.OPN.PDF
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More Michiganders Could Expunge Criminal Records Under Bi...

Michigan Marijuana News Yesterday, 04:39 PM
LANSING, MI - Michigan lawmakers have signed off on legislation that would expand the opportunity for some convicts to expunge certain crimes from their records. House Bill 4186 was unanimously approved by the Senate on Thursday night as the 2013-14 session neared an end. The proposal must h...
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