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The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association has been fighting for patient and caregiver rights since 2008. We are widely recognized as the state-wide leader in providing services, advocacy and information to the medical marijuana community.

Recent Forum Posts

I Would Just Like To Share!

Lets Get Personal: 28 Sep 2014
Ok I like to experiment with ways to medicate that will help me to actualy be pain free,  I am finaly on to something!!   I would like to share this with people, but I must warn you this realy works for body and mind, but you may want to tell people in your life your checking out for th...
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Over The Limit

Legal Professionals: Yesterday, 09:49 PM
LEO searched home and found ## plants in hidden, but unlocked room.  Mix of mature and barely rooted plants.  They took everything they could find -  half a brown paper bag full of dried cuttings and leaves from the floor - no paraphernalia or other quantity because...
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Medical Marijuana And Music Therapy?

Lets Get Personal: 16 Apr 2010
I'm just crazy about JAMMING while medicated it puts me in my HAPPY PLACE LOL
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The 2014 Harvest Fest

Local Compassion Clubs: 15 Sep 2014
Tell Your Friends! The 2014 Harvest Fest IS Happening at the beautiful Austrian Society Cultural Park in Macomb, Michigan. Join us for a day of fun and a night of camping under the stars. That's Saturday, September 27, 2014.     Fun, Friends, Family, Live Music and Always a great time a...
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Q&a W/representative Mike Callton: Update 4271 - By C...

Michigan Legislature Today, 06:09 AM
CS: For starters, if you can, fill us in on the outlook for HB4271 in the Senate. We’re currently waiting for a vote, which did not happen as Sen. Richardville expressed would indeed happen. Do you anticipate a lame duck session?Rep Callton: I think that HB 4271 could be run in the lame...
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