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The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association has been fighting for patient and caregiver rights since 2008. We are widely recognized as the state-wide leader in providing services, advocacy and information to the medical marijuana community.

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Loretta Lynch Speaks Against Decriminalization Of Marijuana

Law Enforcement and the War on Drugs: 30 Jan 2015
The nominee to replace federal Attorney General Eric Holder is being interviewed by the Senate. Loretta Lynch Speaks Out Against Obama's Proposed Decriminalization Of Marijuana http://finance.yahoo...-164426758.html
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How To Leave?

General Forum Rules: Yesterday, 02:40 PM
How do I remove my user from this forum? I think the admin and most users r from the law side more than the freedom side. Yall act like we didnt break the law for the last 40 years????????? making whoopee sheep.
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Need Cbd Strains 10%cbd:1%thc Clone

Seed – Strain - Clones: 09 Jan 2015
If anyone could help me get high CBD Preferably Cannatonic Perkins Cut because of the 18:1 ratio but i have a patient that needs the CBD RSO and if i could get a strain i could make sure i get them there medication. Thank you for your time!
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Former Marijuana Dispensary Owner Guilty Again Of Drug Ch...

Michigan Marijuana News Yesterday, 10:00 AM
GRAND RAPIDS, MI - After a trial Friday that consisted of the testimony two undercover narcotics officers, Samer Hamed was found guilty of keeping more than a pound of marijuana under the bathroom sink in his Northeast Side home. But despite the fact that the 44-year-old could be looking at more...
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Oh: Marijuana Initiative Takes Hits From Gop‏

Patient Issues: Yesterday, 04:44 PM
Website: http://www.dispatch.com/ Details: http://www.mapinc.org/media/93 Author: Alan Johnson MARIJUANA INITIATIVE TAKES HITS FROM GOP A ballot initiative to legalize marijuana and create a forprofit industry was ripped yesterday by some of Ohio's top elected officials, who called it "outrageous...
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