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Introducing the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance
The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association has teamed with Komorn Law to establish the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance. This alliance intends to provide state wide affordable access to knowledge, confidential personalized legal guidance, and discounted representation for our members and contributors in the medical cannabis community. Your support will help provide the necessary resources to assist those with emblematic or otherwise strategic cases and help offset the costs of their representation through trial court and appellate proceedings. Your support will help us to establish positive case law and provide a foundation of proper constitutional protections for patients and their caregivers. Ultimately it is our goal to provide the information necessary to prevent our members and contributors from getting arrested, but if they do, we will provide access to a medical cannabis lawyer at a discounted price. We believe that building a statewide army of medical cannabis lawyers devoted to defending our community is one of the contributions we can offer that will help change the manner in which the law enforcement community criminalizes patients and caregivers.

Our Mission: To provide specialized legal services through an affordable membership program designed exclusively for Michigan’s medical marijuana community.

Our Vision: To create a dedicated statewide membership of patients and caregivers who want to enjoy peace of mind in the medical use of cannabis by utilizing the protections afforded by the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

The 2008 voter’s initiative, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, received 3.3 million votes. Every county in the State had a majority vote in favor, and no other candidate, law, or issue has received as many votes in the history of Michigan elections. Yet after seven years, patients and their caregivers are still being arrested and prosecuted, Child Protective Services is still investigating and taking action, and employment, housing, and medical care difficulties are just a few of the areas that remain at issue for the cannabis community. The treatment of the MMMA as a public safety issue instead of a public health issue is the biggest indicator of the unfair resistance to a reasonable implementation of the MMMA which has been experienced by the medical marijuana community since 2009. The very persons the MMMA was intended to protect have been the most seriously affected. Consequently, constitutional issues regarding often resulting in arrest, prosecution, and an expensive legal defense for the patient or caregiver. These constitutional violations are difficult to defend against, and setting protective precedent for medical marijuana cardholders is an even more resource-intensive and stressful process.

Memberships in the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance will allow our partner law firms to pursue these important cases vigorously, helping to establish essential protections for Michigan cardholders.

Membership in the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance is $360 per year; less than $1 per day. All paid-up members to the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance receive the following benefits:
The MMMA Legal Defense Alliance specializes in defending and pursuing emblematic medical marijuana cases for patients and their caregivers, to establish and secure judicial precedent for the strong protections contained within the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Our current projects include: These cases, and more as opportunity and resources allow, are critical to the establishment of strong protections against arrest, prosecution, and penalty for the community of medical marijuana patients and caregivers of Michigan.

Become a member of the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance today to obtain peace of mind in your own actions, as well as contribute to the overall strength of the community in the face of police, prosecutors, and judges who wish to obstruct the proper protective function of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

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