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Sponsoring the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance
Let your customers know you stand with them against the overreach of the system by becoming a sponsor of the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance.

Please call us at 800-656-3557 to become a sponsor, or click here.

Current polls show that medical marijuana is supported by over 70 percent of Michigan voters, up 7 percent from 2008. Additionally more than 50 percent of Michiganders now support total legalization of marijuana. Citizens supporting this issue are no longer in the minority. Additionally this group is made up of consumers that buy goods and services, like every other red blooded American, but has historically been ignored as a target market of direct advertising.

The fact is, with the number of people now in support of medical cannabis and cannabis reform, it is no longer a minority group. The medical cannabis and cannabis reform community has always supported local business that align themselves with this issue. The MMMA-LDA Sponsorship Program is way for local businesses to state their support for this issue. Simply by participating as a sponsor and by providing a discount for goods or services your business listing will be promoted and identified to our members. Your businesses goods or services will be directly marketed to those members supporting and participating in the MMMA-LDA. MMMA-LDA sponsors provide additional value to our members through offers for discounted purchases that will help promote membership and assist us in raising the resources necessary to provide our members access to affordable and discounted legal services.

Sponsors of the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance will receive the following:
It is time to recognize that a majority of Michiganders support cannabis reform and medical cannabis. Cannabis and medical cannabis have been in the forefront of international, national, and state news for the past 6 years. It will remain in the headlines and as a trending news topic in the coming years as Michigan gears up for a legalization ballot initiative campaign for 2016. Now is the time to identify your business on the right side of history. No one is asking or expecting you to use or engage in anything related to cannabis; your commitment as a sponsor is merely support for the already existing MMMA and future cannabis reform.

To date, no one has recognized the cannabis community as a huge group of traditional spenders of American dollars. There is no identifiable connection between a business who may support and agree with 63 percent of Michigan voters and let it be known. Your support acquires a customer for life.

Privately, for many in the community, this issue is the only issue. It is the issue that will determine many future elections. This is fact.

Your MMMA-LDA sponsorship grants you the opportunity to be one of the first to be recognized for providing goods and services to this community for years. It's time to be out now. To our members, your name or business becomes more than meaningful, it is courageous. You are publicly joining the support for medical marijuana and assisting in the need for affordable legal services for the patients and caregivers participating in the program.

There is no charge at this time to become a sponsor of the MMMA Legal Defense Alliance -- simply offer a discount on your products or services to our members. This sponsorship-by-discount allows you to directly support our work in the community by giving back to our members.

Please call us at 800-656-3557 to become a sponsor, or click here.

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