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The Mmma - Operation 26%

Dear Medical Cannabis Community,

RE: Re: HB 4834, HB 4851, HB 4853, HB 4856

The above referenced bills were adopted by the House Judiciary
Committee. Very soon these bills will be on the House floor for further
amendments with the final vote requiring a 75% super majority.

Operation 26%'s objective is designed as a full scale, grass roots,
community response aimed at reaching the Democrats that are split,
undecided or ununiformed on this issue and blocking a super majority yes
vote. The Democrats in both the House and Senate will be asked to
advance these bills; they need to hear the voice of this communities'
opposition in numbers. Please join us in making a difference by
contacting the below listed Representatives, via phone, email, letter
and visiting them in person. Each one of them has the power to stop
these bills from advancing. We have provided a form letter addressing
the bills directly, but please feel free to write your own. We would
encourage those involved to add suggested letters as well as the
response and experience they receive from their interactions

Please let your voice be heard by:

1. Cutting and pasting the letter below (or your own) into an email, and
then sending it to each of the Representatives' email addresses listed

2. Printing the letter and mailing it via US mail.

3. And most importantly call, call, call the Representative (see
telephone numbers listed below) and explain to them why the proposed
amendments fail to address the real concerns of patients and caregivers,
and feel free to use the specific talking points that address the
proposed Bills directly.

Talking points for conversations with the Representatives:

1. The Judiciary Committee said that they were working with different
medical marihuana groups but not a single medical marihuana advocacy
group approves of the bills. Watch the tapes from the hearings.

2. Patients and Caregivers are being denied the right to present a
medical marihuana defense, despite very clear language in the
initiative. During the hearings one of the committee members was quoted
as saying "that seems un-American."

3. Nearly three years after it was passed, the Act still has not been
properly implemented, with registration cards showing up late and no new
conditions having been added despite multiple submissions and petitions.

4. When I signed up for the program, I believed that law enforcement
would not have access to the registry. HB 4834 violates our most basic
rights to privacy, as outlined in the act. It is unfair to change the
rules in such a drastic way after the program has begun.

5. Legislators and law enforcement continue to fail to realize this
is a medical issue, protected by HIPAA and aimed at helping the people
of Michigan experience relief.

6. HB 4856 criminalizes behavior that that is the norm for a
possessing and transferring any other medication including prescription

7. HB 4853- which should require a 75% vote criminalizes patients'
safe access for acquiring medicine and limits the protections set out in
the initiative.

8. HB 4851 is unneeded because Lara has recently published its
guidelines for medical marihuana certification, addressing this issue as
a private health issue and not a public safety issue. The issue of
locked enclosed facility is before the Michigan Supreme Court and
additionally effectively makes the transportation of any cannabis plant

9. Additionally and for unknown reasons the amendment to guarantee a
right to present a medical marihuana defense to a jury, was amended,
quoting a Representative "this seems so un-American."

10. HB 4834 is the most horrifying allowing access by the loosely
defined "law enforcement official" access to the registry. Over 130,000
patients and numerous caregivers had been promised and believed that
their registry information would be kept private. To honestly ensure
these protections "law enforcement officials" should instead be required
to get a warrant signed by a neutral and detached magistrate. This is
the procedure for obtaining a warrant for the search of someone's home,
and stands as a more acceptable approach. Additionally Law Enforcement
Officers can already verify the validity of a medical marijuana
patient's registry ID card through the Department of Licensing and
Regulatory Affairs.

11. In early March of 2012, LARA announced it had purchased a new
printer which would be installed by the end of the month. We have yet to
see it put into use, if it even exists. It has been 4 years and more
empty promises.

12. What's more patients and caregivers are no safer than they were
prior to 2008, when 63 percent of the voters in Michigan mandated a

13. Based on the above factors and a lack of effort to keep Michigan
residents, namely patients and caregivers, safe under the current law, I
strongly urge you to vote no on all House bills relating to medical