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Nutrients And All Those Bottles On The Wall

Nov 12 2010 11:45 PM | Grow Thread in Growers Corner

Nutrients, and all those crazy colored bottles with funny names at the grow store. I read an article in a recent High Times issue and I would like to touch on it a little further. If you are confused by nutes you are not alone. The explosion of...

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Seeds or Clones?? Where to Start??

Nov 22 2010 03:00 PM | Grow Thread in Growers Corner

Where to start? How to start? What to start with???? This is a commonly talked about topic, and it should be. “A new grower should grow out bag seed”. Ever hear that one?? It’s true. Common sense says that a new grower needs all the expe...

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Us Ca: What Gives Marijuana Its Signature Scent?

Feb 10 2012 06:32 PM | Q-Berry in Growers Corner

URL: http://www.mapinc.or...2/n115/a04.html Newshawk: http://www.drugsense.org/donate.htm Votes: 0 Pubdate: Thu, 09 Feb 2012 Source: Sacramento News & Review (CA) Copyright: 2012 Chico Community Publishing, Inc. Contact: sactoletters@newsreview.com...

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Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library Helps Ever...

Jul 03 2012 06:20 AM | trix in Growers Corner

Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library helps everyone learn how to grow marijuana plant hydroponics. Welcome, the spirit is to help medicinal cannabis patients and horticulturalists grow the most potent marijuana p...

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