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U.s. Police Turn To Marijuana Busts For Cash

Jul 04 2010 09:26 AM | Guest in Legal

Strapped U.S. Police Turn to Marijuana Busts for Cash Published July 03, 2010 | NewsCore Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko, his budget under pressure in a weak economy, has laid off staff, reduced patrols and even released jail inmates. But there...

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Dispensary(S) Raided

Aug 26 2010 05:54 PM | blueberry in Legal

We have no choice but to protest the abuse of patients. Under no circumstances is it ok to abuse patients, seize their property or to seize patients health information. These acts are illegal. We are a country of laws. Law enforcement is held to a...

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Sal Agro Medical Marijuana Patient Raided Dies...

Sep 02 2010 06:26 PM | blueberry in Legal

I would first like to extend the condolences of the entire MMMA Family to the Agro's. I am sorry that Sal's last days were filled with terror, he suffered at the hands of a police force he described as Gestapo like. I would request at this ti...

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Affirmative Defense Argument Supported By The P...

Sep 09 2010 07:36 PM | Guest in Legal

This Power Point presentation ( http://www.mml.org/p...rihuana-ppt.pdf ) was prepared by the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan's Kenneth Stecker and the Michigan Department of Community Health's Celeste Clarkson. The medical mariju...

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7411 Probation Status And "expungements"

Sep 19 2010 10:26 PM | Guest in Legal

I've noticed that there are A LOT of people that are either being offered or have accepted plea agreements in court for deferred status also known as 7411 status. Many courts also refer to this as "drug diversion" or delayed status, or als...

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Medical Pot Users Fight Charges-Bob And Torrey...

Nov 14 2010 08:26 PM | Michael Komorn in Legal

Jennifer Chambers / The Detroit News Lansing — An Oakland County couple certified to use medical marijuana under state law is asking the Michigan Supreme Court to dismiss felony drug charges against them. Robert Redden and Torey Clark, who became certi...

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Confidentiality .. It's In The Law. So What...

Nov 22 2010 09:55 PM | peanutbutter in Legal

Confidentiality within the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. The confidentiality section of the MMMA is located in section 6 (h). A common mistake evolves when someone tries to apply HIPPA law to issues of confidentiality within the MMMA. These are two...

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Kalamazoo Voters To Decide Marijuana Enforcemen...

Nov 03 2011 08:33 PM | blueberry in Legal

By: Raven Thompson Kalamazoo, MI November 3, 2011 WMUK Download Listen to this report (5:19) Kalamazoo City ballot question Possessing even small amounts of marijuana in Michigan is illegal without a state medical marijuana I-D card. Violators conv...

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Webisode #76 - Planet Green Trees

Jan 12 2012 07:32 PM | Planet Green Trees in Legal

Webisode #76

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Planet Green Trees Episode 76 - Matt Abel Canna...

Jan 13 2012 10:02 AM | Q-Berry in Legal

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/planetgreentrees/2012/01/13/episode-76-lets-end-prohibition-w-atty-matt-abel HostedBy: Attorney Michael Komorn VeryImportant Show Last Night. History is Made Thelargest medical marihuana patient advocacy group in...

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Planet Green Trees Webisode #76

Jan 17 2012 09:33 PM | Q-Berry in Legal

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Planet Green Trees Webisode #77

Jan 19 2012 08:08 PM | Planet Green Trees in Legal

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Planet Green Trees Episode # 79

Jan 27 2012 05:22 PM | Q-Berry in Legal

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Planet Green Trees Episode #80

Feb 06 2012 06:24 PM | Q-Berry in Legal

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Today Video Recording For Those That Missed It

Mar 01 2012 02:39 PM | Q-Berry in Legal

I am still processing the video and will post it here as soon as it's finished.....hang in there :D Finally finished, it took a while to get the audio to sync with the video. Joe Cain (Blueberry) starts at 1:18:00

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Hitchhiker's Guide To Relying On The Aff. D...

Jun 01 2012 08:35 AM | CaveatLector in Legal

Think you're in the clear to rely on just a cetification or recommendation and employ the affirmative defense after the recent Sup Ct opinions in King and Kolanek? Thing again! If that is your plan, to rely on your certification or recommenda...

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Michigan Supreme Court Slams Improper Use Of Th...

Jun 07 2012 08:57 PM | AKenewell in Legal

As we all knew since 2008.

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Unanimous Michigan Supreme Court Decision Uphol...

Jun 14 2012 08:55 PM | legacy in Legal

Our own Michael Komorn reflects on the recent Supreme Court win, and what it means for patients, police, and prosecutors.

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Appeals Court Blocks Ordinances That Ban Medica...

Aug 02 2012 01:50 AM | CaveatLector in Legal

Livonia-style "federal, state, and local" bans have been ruled unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme Court.

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