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Planet Green Trees Episode 76 - Matt Abel Cannabis Counsel


HostedBy: Attorney Michael Komorn

VeryImportant Show Last Night. History is Made

Thelargest medical marihuana patient advocacy group in Michigan, The MichiganMedical Marihuana Association, CEO Joe Cain, President Michael Komorn, pledgetheir support for a constitutional amendment to repeal the prohibition ofmarihuana. As stated by Joe Cain, Bill Schuette has given patients no choice butto support this initiative, our community of sick people are scared. Thegovernment needs to be talking about getting the cards out on time and addingnew conditions to the registry, not limiting the protections of the act.

Also:Shakina Pena calls in to report on her victory after a jury trial allegingvoter fraud ( a politically motivated prosecution)

AlsoNick Agro calls in to talk about the tortured story of the Agro family over thelast 2 years but reports on finally getting some justice, when Judge Dan Obriandismisses all charges in the Clinical Relief case.


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Call-inNumber: (347)326-9626