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Please Help John Wells

John Wells suffered a house fire last Tuesday. He and his wife and their young daughter have lost everything. The fire was not grow related. It started with their refrigerator. They have little support and are truly in need of help, living out of their fifth wheel behind the burned out hulk of their home until their homeowners insurance rebuilds it. Insurance will not cover any additional expenses at this time and gas and other expenses are mounting. I am posting to ask the community to lend their support. For those who don't know him, John has been an active and involved member of the medical marijuana community for years. He has been involved locally and has made many trips to Lansing and around the state speaking to municipalities on his own dime, speaking on our behalf. He is an eloquent and effective speaker and has been an ambassador of the law, representing us well. John has always supported fellow patients in time of need. He has been to many court cases around the state. Please make use of the link that we will post here shortly to donate what you can to Mrs. Wells' paypal account to help. Any amount that you can help with would be very appreciated. We know the Wells' personally and they are really good people.

This is a great effort. I hope that those that are able will consider helping this member of the community in his time of need.

Again, the situation is dire. To my knowledge, only 2 people have made a donation to date. Please join us in helping this family. If you would like their address to send a check or money order, here it is...

John Wells
PO Box 12
Lewiston, MI 49756

This is the link to send money direct to an email address via paypal:


Just plug in your email address, John's wife's email address (jolynneone@gmail.com), the amount you wish to donate, and it will walk you through the rest.


I am sorry for the loss of your home John!! I know your son well and I wish I could help!! My prayers are with you and your family!!
Hello, my name is Brandon LaBrie. I have many health issues and can not survivie healthy without weed in my current shape. I am about to loose my caregiver because she is moving away, and my mom and I can no longer live in our current house because I can not work. And I have no source of income and keep getting denied disability. We can no longer afford to live at our current house, let alone ever get the greedy donkey banks loan ever payed off.
I am so sorry to hear about your family John, please accept my deepest sympathy and love. My best wishes and hopes go out to you, or if you are religious or spiritual then my prayers go out to you.